Part 2: Enjoying Pierogi Wednesday at Pittsburgh Willy’s

BY Jess Harter Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pittsburgh Willy's Chandler AZYesterday I wrote about the weekly pierogi-making at Pittsburgh Willy’s in Chandler. Today, I enjoyed the results with fellow Midwest transplants Geri Koeppel, Charlotte Risch Shaff and Barb Walters Harris.

Every Wednesday, Pittsburgh Willy’s serves potato-and-cheese-filled pierogi while they last. You can get a half-dozen of the Polish dumplings with a drink for $6.50.

Pierogi are made and served many ways. These are round (what PW owner Randy Walters calls “Italian-style”), but half-moon probably are more common. I’ve also seen them in triangles and squares.

These are boiled – you simply drop the frozen pierogi in boiling water for six minutes. Frying them also is popular – Pittsburgh Willy’s will prepare them that way if you ask – and I’ve even seen them baked.

PW’s serves them the traditional way with lots of butter and sauteed onions. Sour cream is a popular addition (also available). For an extra $1.75, you can get sliced kielbasa on top.

If you’re really hungry, try tackling the Blitzburgh ($7.95) – six pierogi with butter and onions, sauerkraut, house-made chili, cheddar cheese and sliced kielbasa.

Yesterday: Family-run Pittsburgh Willy’s keeps alive lost art of pierogi-making

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