It’s 2 a.m. – Do you know where your next cupcake is?

BY Jess Harter Monday, March 5, 2012

SprinklesIt’s not world peace or a renewable energy source, but mankind can cross off one item on its collective wish list: 24-hour cupcake dispensers.

Sprinkles is installing its first all-hours cupcake vending machine at its flagship Beverly Hills, Calif., store this week, and will have them at all 10 of its stores – including one in Scottsdale – by this summer.

After that, the company plans additional machines at remote locations in each market, presumably meaning midnight cupcakes soon will be available in the East Valley.

Sprinkles is calling the machines Cupcake ATMs, and they will offer eight different individually wrapped cupcakes for $4 apiece (as opposed to $3.50 at stores).

The rainbow-hued machines, which will hold 600 cupcakes, will accept credit or debit cards, but not cash.

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