Mother Bunch & Flowers release new collaboration beer: Rue de Fifth

BY Jess Harter Thursday, December 31, 2015

MotherBunchFlowers123115The East Valley may be ground zero for Arizona’s craft beer scene, but other parts of the metro area are developing quickly.

Look no further than downtown Phoenix, home to Mother Bunch Brewing, which opened in September 2014, and Flowers Craft Beer & Wine, which opened this September.

The two have teamed up for each’s first-ever collaboration beer: Rue de Fifth, a Belgian rye IPA (6.1% ABV) whose name is an homage to the Fifth Street and Roosevelt neighborhood.

The beer (pictured below) just went on tap Wednesday at both businesses, and soon will be available at other downtown locations.

RueDeFith123115‘‘After opening up the bottle shop, we started going to Mother Bunch frequently for lunch and drinks,’’ says Jason Ayers, Flowers’ creative director. ‘‘One of the bartenders, James, brought up the idea of making a one-off beer for all of the local spots.’’

On Dec. 8, Mother Bunch brewers (pictured above from left) Jerry Gantt and Erin Deuble, along with Flowers co-owner Mike Cosentino and Ayers, brewed a seven-barrel batch – about 16 kegs – of Rue de Fifth.

‘‘Mother Bunch hasn’t done a collab so that was a big motivator,’’ Ayers says. ‘‘Especially since they have a new brewmaster (Gantt) who came on earlier this year and turned things around for the better.’’

Since Flowers fills and caps bombers (as well as growlers), Ayers is working with a local artist to create a special bomber label.

As for whether Rue de Fifth will be a one-time adventure or become an ongoing offering, Ayers says he isn’t sure.

‘‘We did not plan that far,’’ he says. ‘‘We just knew that we wanted to make something special and I think we did. We’re very pleased with how it turned out, and it’s already been tasted by three certified cicerones who gave it the thumbs up.’’

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