Sept. 28: Firestone Walker wild beer expert at The Hungry Monk

BY Jess Harter Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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Jeffers Richardson, director of Firestone Walker’s acclaimed Barrelworks wild beer facility in Buellton, Calif., will host ‘‘“Jeffers Drops Acid …Knowledge” at 6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 28, at The Hungry Monk in Chandler.

The three-hour class – part of a national tour by Richardson – will explore how acidity changes the flavor, mouthfeel and overall perception of wild beers.

Richardson was Firestone Walker’s original brewmaster when it opened in 1996. He worked a several other breweries, but returned to Firestone Walker in 2013 to launch Barrelworks, which handles the brewery’s wild ale program as well as its barrel-aging program.

Barrelworks, which has been referred to as ‘‘the cathedral of barrels,’’ occupies Firestone Walker’s original building in Buellton; the brewery has since relocated to Paso Robles, about 85 miles away.

Thursday’s class is $30, which includes a reception beer plus several limited-release beers during class. Seating is limited, so check ticket availability here.

The Hungry Monk will have eight Firestone Walker beers, including four Barrelworks beers, on tap for the evening.

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