Dec. 5: Barro’s Pizza donating all sales to Valley food bank

BY Jess Harter Monday, December 4, 2017


Barro’s Pizza holds its sixth annual Doran Barro Holiday Hunger Fight on Tuesday, Dec. 5. All of the day’s proceeds from the local chain’s 39 pizzerias will be donated to the St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance.

Named for, and initiated by, the Barro family’s matriarch who passed away last year, the fundraiser is the food bank’s largest of the year.

Purchasing a single large pizza will provide funds for 70 meals, a side salad 25 and even just a soda 13.

Last year, Barro’s Pizza raised $194,000 on the day, which provided more than 1.35 million meals to the hungry in Arizona

Overall, the event has raised more than $713,000, which has provided nearly 5 million meals for Arizona families in need.

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