About MXSW

BY Jess Harter Friday, February 17, 2017

• More than 780,000 people have visited MXSW for information about restaurants, bars, breweries, and other food-related businesses in the Phoenix metro area, especially the burgeoning East Valley.

Jess Harter MXSW• Before starting MXSW, I was a fulltime newspaper journalist for 26 years. My food & drink coverage has appeared in the Arizona Republic, East Valley Tribune, Phoenix Magazine, Sunset Magazine, Phoenix New Times, and other publications.

• MXSW exists thanks to the support of my sponsors (aka advertisers). If local food and drink coverage is important to you, please support these sponsors and let them know you’re a MXSW reader!

MXSW ethics policy

• I do not accept free food or drink, except for that offered to everyone (such as a restaurant offering free samples to all customers).

• I sometimes accept free admittance to food and drink festivals or other public events if necessary to provide coverage.

• I do not accept invitations to media-only or VIP events not open to the general public.

• MXSW only exists thanks to its advertisers. I make no apologies for supporting those who make MXSW possible.

• That said, I write about any food-related business I find newsworthy. A business does not have to advertise to receive coverage.

How to submit info

I welcome all press releases and reader tips about local food and drink news. Things I cover include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Local restaurant openings
  • Local restaurant closings
  • Food- or drink-focused festivals and events
  • Food specials and discounts

Information can be emailed to mxsw@cox.net. You also can share on Facebook or Twitter.